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Digital Full Arch Symposium 2022 by Prof.Byung-Ho Choi and Prof.Seung-Mi Jeong in Australia -2022 DIO Australia

2022-06-27 20:45


Here is the academic news from the International Speaker Group from Korea.

Digital Full Arch Symposium 2022 was successfully held at the UTS(University of Technology Sydney), Australia from May 28th to 29th, 2022.


Prof. Byung-Ho Choi and Seung-Mi Jeong's digital full arch solutions were highly praised by about 100 local dentists for its outstanding digital solutions for edentulous jaws with theory and practice. DIO (CEO Jinbaek Kim), one of leaders in digital dentistry, has organized this 2022 DIO Australia Full Arch Symposium successfully.

During the symposium, DIOnavi, Digital system for edentulous implant cases was presented under the theme of 'Full Arch', was attended by 100 local dentists, and the enthusiasm for digital edentulous jaws could be felt.

In particular, Professor Emeritus Choi, Byung-Ho(Yonsei University Graduate School of Medicine) and Professor Seung-Mi Jeong(Yonsei University Wonju Severance Christian Hospital), world-class speakers in digitally approached edentulous cases, the level of the symposium was further raised by inviting speakers with abundant clinical know-how, such as Dr. Neil Meredith.

In this symposium, Full Arch's lectures on A to Z was reviewed with seamless digital workflow and surgery.

On the second day, hands-on training was also held to directly use the digital edentulous jaw solution, which was highly praised by the participants.

At the seminar, Dr. C (GC Dental Clinic) said, “It was a very good experience to learn not only Dionavi but also the best system called Dionavi Full Arch with the professors.”


Prof.Choi and Prof.Jeong recently published "DIGITAL FULL ARCH" in English by Quintessence Korea Publishing Co.Ltd. which was highly accepted by the attendants.

Digital Full Arch by Prof.Byung-Ho Choi & Prof.Seung-Mi Jeong, Quintessence Korea Publishing Co.,Ltd. (

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