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Privacy practices and privacy statements

‘DentalSemion’ (hereinafter “company”) conforms to Privacy Protection Act, Protection of Communications Secrets Act, Telecommunications Business Act and Information Infrastructure Promotion Act and Information Protection Act.

With our privacy policy, company lets you know how and for what purposes one’s private information are used, and what measures are taken for the protection of privacy.

■ List of private information and methods of collection
1. List of private information
·The company collects the following personal information for membership, counseling, and service application.
– Required items : email, password, name, country, address
– Optional item: city
– Service application: Payment information.
·Service usage records, access logs, cookies, access IPs, payment records, and defective usage records can be generated and collected during the service use process or business processing process.
2. Methods of collection
– Collecting through homepage, written form, board, e-mail, event application, phone call, etc.

■ Usage Purposes of Private information
The company uses the collected private information for the following purposes.
·Implementation of a contract for service provision and settlement of charges according to service provision
Contents provision, purchase and payment of charges, financial transaction identity authentication, and financial services.
·Member management
Complaints such as identification according to the use of membership services, prevention of illegal use of defective members, prevention of unauthorized use, confirmation of intention to join, handling complaints, and delivery of notices.
·Use for marketing and advertising.
Statistics on the delivery of advertising information such as events, identification of access frequency, or use of services by members.

■ Period of retention and use of personal information
In principle, after the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, the information is destroyed without delay. However, the following information is preserved for the period specified for the following reasons.
1. Reasons for holding information under relevant laws and regulations
If it is necessary to preserve it in accordance with the provisions of related laws, such as the Consumer Protection Act in e-commerce, etc., the company stores member information for a certain period prescribed by related laws as follows.
·Record on contract or subscription withdrawal: 5 years (Consumer Protection Act)
·Record on payment and supply of goods: 5 years (Consumer Protection Act)
·Record on consumer complaint or conflict handling: 3 years (Consumer Protection Act)
·Communications confirmation data according to Protection of Communications Secrets Act : 3 months

■ Destruction of private information
In principle, the company will destroy the information without delay after the purpose of collecting and using private information is achieved. The procedure and method of destruction are as follows.
·Destruction Procedure
The information entered by the member for membership registration will be destroyed without delay after the purpose is achieved.
·Destruction method
Private information saved in an electronic file format should be deleted by using a technical method for it to be not restored again.

■ Providing private information to a third party
Company principally do not provide private information outside, except for:
·When the users have agreed in advance
·When according to the legal regulations provision is necessary, or when there is a request from investigating offices.

■ User and statutory representative authority and its implementation
·User and statutory representative can check or modify their registered personal information at any time and request cancellation of subscription.
·In order to inquire about personal information of user and statutory representative, modify personal information, change personal information (or membership information modification), and cancel subscription (withdraw consent), you can directly read, correct, or withdraw after going through the identity verification process.
·Or if you contact the person in charge of personal information protection by writing, phone, or e-mail, we will take action without delay.
·If you request correction of personal information errors, we will not use or provide the personal information until the correction is completed. In addition, if wrong personal information has already been provided to a third party, we will notify the third party of the correction process without delay so that the correction can be made.
·The company processes personal information terminated or deleted at the request of user and statutory representative as specified in the “retention and use period of personal information collected by the company” and cannot be viewed or used for other purposes.

■ Details on installing/operating of automatic private information collecting device and its rejection
The company operates “cookie” that stores and finds your information from time to time. Cookies are very small text files sent to your browser by the server used to run the website and are stored on your computer’s hard disk.
The company uses cookies for the following purposes.
·Usage purpose of Cookie and others
1. Analysis on access frequencies and visiting times of users. Identify user taste and interests and trace tracks. Identify participation levels in all events and number of visits. Provide personally-customized services and target marketing.
2. Users have an option on the installation of cookie. Therefore, users can set options in their web browsers to allow all cookies or confirm whenever cookie is stored, or deny all storage of cookies.
·How to deny cookie setting
1. One method to deny cookie setting is for the user to choose web browser option. User can allow all cookies or confirm whenever cookie is stored, or deny all storage of cookies.
2. Example of setting methods (Internet Explorer): Tools on the top of the web browser > Internet Option> private information
3. However, when the user denied cookie installation, he may find difficulty in service provision.

■ Civil service on private information
User may report to managing departments or the private information protection manager for civil complaints related to all privacy policy. The Company will promptly answer to the complaints of users.
In case of reports or consultation on other privacy infringements, please contact the below institutions.
1. Personal Dispute Mediation Committee (
2. Information Protection Board Certification Committee (
3. Supreme Public Prosecutors ‘ Office (
4. National Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center(

■ Change on Privacy Policy
When revising the Privacy Policy, Company will notify of this through notification menu of the homepage, at least before 7 days.

[supplementary provision]
This Privacy practices and privacy statements will be effective from December 23, 2021.

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