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Covid failed to stop Orthodontists around the world learning from Prof.Kee-Joon Lee~

2022-07-14 11:41

Even the covid situation has affected international academic activities for recent three years, 75 orthodontists from 15 countries around the world have traveled to South Korea to take part in the 10th Yonsei International Mini Residency Symposium from July 7-15, 2022.

The Yonsei International Mini-Residency For Advanced Orthodontics Symposium is an international academic program organized by the Department of Orthodontics, Institute of Craniofacial Deformity, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea led by Prof.Kee-Joon Lee and his team, and has been one of most popular programs for orthodontists and general practitioners who want to provide better orthodontic treatment solutions to their patients.

It is 9 day in-depth mini-residency course with theoretical and practical programs. This year program was the 10th event which was held face-to-face for more than 3 years due to the covid outbreaks, and the venue has been heating up for nearly ten days, as it has been the time all participants from around the world have been waiting for a long time.

The registrations arrived was more than 100, but the number of participants recorded to 75 attendees due to the Covid travel restrictions. Countries varies from Asia to Middle East, Europe to Latin America such as Vietnam, Taiwan, UAE, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Brazil, Argentina, and Peru, and many more countries.



What makes so special for this program

The event was held on for 9 days with in-depth theory, practice and observations.

On the first day, the session started on Essential Biomechanics & Troubleshooting by Prof.Kee-Joon Lee and Prof.KC Choy, which followed many interdisciplinary treatment therapies and approaches such as restorative dentistry, dental implant, orthognathic surgery, periodontal treatment & extraction, digital & CAD/CAM technology and many more even beyond orthodontics as crossing the border, and finally clinic orientation, live surgery, clinic observations, complex case review and intensive hands-on courses.

In addition, various academic programs held in the Dentium and Osstem Implant premises were also carried out, which provided an opportunity to encounter the scene of the Korean dental industry, attracting attention in the global market.

The dept. of Orthodontics, Yonsei University has been attracting attention as an ingenious therapeutic technique that clinicians around the world want to learn based on in-depth research in the field of biomechanics that is important in orthodontics.

Based on these academic and research activities, Yonsei International Mini Residency program is becoming a new model for educational opportunities in the form of overseas clinicians visiting Korea in person to pass on the contents.

As the contents of each program is differentiated, the number of participants who take several classes is increasing, and it is recommended by the participants who participated once and is considered one of the academic programs that must participate.

Participants were imparted the orthodontic techniques initiated or developed by Prof.K.J.Lee and his team in Korean orthodontic community, and expressed great interest in learning Korea's leading orthodontic techniques, especially in the field of orthodontic biomechanics, as well as techniques for the treatment of non-extraction or non-surgical approaches.



Beyond the Orthodontics, Dentistry shows itself through the course

This year's program was slighted changed from previous program as theoretical parts first and the clinic observations later, and invite many faculty members as speakers from each clinical and basic dentistry including prosthetics, conservative, oral medicine, lasers, and digital, etc. from Yonsei University.

Meanwhile, on the evening of July 11th during the program, the Yonsei International Dentistry Gala Dinner was held in grand ballroom, Baekyangnuri, Yonsei University. The event was attended by domestic and foreign guests, including the president of Yonsei University, and a K-Pop dance performance by Yonsei University dental students was also held, giving the participants an impression of fresh young Korean cultural content in addition to the Korean academic achievements.


Interview with Prof. Kee-Joon Lee

"As we do our best, our program grow as global program for Orthodontists from all over the world participate voluntarily."

Prof.Kee-Joon Lee, Dept. of Orthodontics, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea


Professor Kee-Joon Lee is the one who designed and lead the Yonsei International Mini-Residency Program for the last decades.

Prof. Lee said, "The goal is to offer a different level of orthodontic therapy to clinicians, making it as unique and only one programs in the field of medicine and dentistry that has received worldwide attention." "This year, in particular, faculty from departments ranging from the field of orthodontics to the basic dentistry have also participated as speakers, and the significance is different. I am grateful to many professors who have been happy to join this program which make this as an academic activity for a better level of orthodontic approach that is receiving international attention. This gives us a place to show the clinical level of Yonsei University."

The popularity of Yonsei International Mini Residency lies in the fact that the participants do not only attend 1 time, but also the power of the participants to actively recommend colleagues to join in each country. Prof. Lee said that as many participants have voluntarily promoted, supported and recommended the program, the school could spare great effort to recruit students from each country as it now become a program to participate in globally.

Until such a result is achieved, Yonsei University with Prof. Lee, plans and prepares the program with great care every time. Although the big topics stay smilar but the pursuit of continuous change to reflect the trends that change from year to year around the orthodontics has grown to the point that some of the participants have also participated for 3 consecutive times.

Prof. Lee said, "Among the participants of the Yonsei International Mini-Regendency program, there are many countries that are difficult for us to normally come across. This means that the whole world is connected and the awareness of our programs has increased. We are confident that our program is unique and only one program among the whole medical and dental schools around the world which is continuously run as an international academic programs. We prepare as best we can with the enthusiasm that comes with the participants' willingness to bear those valuable time and expenses. The participants all feel how best our programs do." He said he and his team will do the best to continuously develop the program.

Source: Dental Arirang (, No.1 News Media for Dental Professionals in Korea

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